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Peregrine Falcons are known for their incredible agility, precision and efficiency. At Peregrine Leadership, our goal is to bring the same set of skills and talent to every experience we craft. Creating valuable and memorable moments for audiences is our priority, whether it be through the events we run or the speakers we manage.

About Us

What began as a 3 day summer camp in 1993 (Youth Leadership Camps Canada) has now grown into Peregrine Leadership, the operation behind events and experiences focused on elevating youth leadership and entrepreneurship across the globe.

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Ontario Student Leadership Conference

The marquee event for youth in Ontario since 1979, the Ontario Student Leadership Conference brings together the country’s largest group of youth speakers to teach, inspire and entertain over 2,000 of Ontario’s top students and leaders of tomorrow. With incomparable spirit, engagement and pep, OSLC’s atmosphere is something students everywhere should experience.


Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau

The Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau (CYSB) is a group of professional Canadian speakers that work together to bring powerful, inspirational and valuable messages to adults and youth across Canada. The community of speakers that CYSB has curated are some of the best Canadian youth and corporate speakers, nationally recognized, working with a focus on fostering positive, relevant and engaging messaging.


What better way to celebrate leadership than by coming to Canada’s Wonderland with an inspiring audience of leadership-driven youth and a lineup of motivating speakers specifically curated to SPARK a desire to create change. Spend a portion of your day learning and being entertained by some of the nation’s best, then take the amusement park grounds with new friends and insights to create new memories .



The gloam is the orange ambers that burn bright as the campfire burns low, or the rich colour the sunset gives off at the end of a long camp day. That is what the GLOAM experience is: a gathering of camp owners, directors, managers and outdoor educators coming together to reflect on and celebrate summer in a way like you've never before experienced.

Global Student Leadership Summit

Global Student Leadership Summit is back! This 3-day live event is back and hosts one of the largest global gatherings with some of the top youth speakers and students in the world. Dedicated to igniting inspiration around what it means to be a leader in any position, students walk away with real world tactics and tools they can use to create positive environments in all areas of education.


YLCC in the Classroom

YLCC In The Classroom was created to bring YLCC programs to you virtually, no matter where you are in the world. If you can’t be with us in person, we want to be with you virtually! Register as an individual or as a classroom as you work through leadership lessons with founder Stu Saunders.

Summer Leadership Camp

Though our doors have closed on Lake Simcoe after 30 years, we will he hosting a one-week exclusive and leadership-focused camp at our original summer camp location Camp Sylvan, in Sylvan, ON. Our goal is to dive deeper into our leadership curriculum and expose our campers to more expert speakers that will share their knowledge on different leadership skills and tools. New for 2023 YLCC will also be introducing “Leaders and the Environment” - A look at how campers can understand the natural world around them and their impact on it. All the same camp fun and even more leadership development!



For EPIC move makers and world changers, this 4-day event gathers some of the world’s top performers and thinkers to revel in presentations from a specifically curated Faculty. As a community member, you will learn and be inspired together from more than 10 of the best speakers, facilitators and best-selling authors on the planet.